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We all know the scene, two cafés side by side, one bustling, the other quiet — one with a long line and a dinging cash register, the other with tumbleweeds and awkward silence. What makes one café stand out from the other, and what can you do to bring more customers into your small business and retain them?

I always say that a barista can make a coffee taste better by simply smiling, and it’s true! The way we perceive the world shapes how we interact with it, so a simple thing such as making sure…

Original article published in SHM:

The line ‘the new generation are entitled and lazy’ has been a common cry throughout history. Seeing this narrative perpetrated in the media by two of hospitality’s biggest leaders during a genuine time of crisis in the industry has got me furious.

When I first read the article, I found myself agreeing with Jake and Kenny. I was nodding my head right alongside each quote, ready to put down the ‘lazy youth’ alongside them. Then I took a long hard look at myself — and the environment in which I’d learned this attitude.


SJ Wood

Hospitality professional who likes to tinker with words. Ex Manager @ The Soda Factory, Rosie Campbell's, The Rook, and Jamie's Italian Australia.

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